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Teaching Computer Science & Software Development

David Dantowitz offers personal instruction in Computer Science & Software Development: beginner to advanced, and consults on software development.

Learning about Computer Science and writing Software or Code are valuable for both students and professionals. Whether you're a beginner or have already studied CS in High School or beyond, there's a lot to learn.

My goal is for students to proceed at a pace that matches their available time, interest, and level of experience. Individualized, in-person, or online instruction and "check ins" are both scheduled and handled "on call." My focus is individual instruction, but small classes on core topics may be offered to enable students to learn together and share ideas.

Whether just you are starting out, have a specific goal, or need to jump-start a project, give a call.

Contact David at:
    (628) 400-Code or 628-400-2633

    in Millburn, NJ

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